Summer UP


As busy parents ourselves, we understand the need for our kids to be engaged during the summer and enrich or reinforce their learning for the next school year.

We’re not rich, so this is an affordable alternative to expensive summer programs, that will still keep your children meaningfully learning and busy.



The program runs from July 6th to Aug 21st.

Each week is stand-alone (you can follow along as many weeks as you want).

The program runs entirely remotely by email and Zoom meetings.

Every week we email you the schedule for the week, which includes worksheets for up to 2 hours of independent work in Math, ELA, Social Studies, and Science. As well as up to 2 hours of on-hands online group activities and live discussions on STEAM subjects.

MAX 4 hours per day, Monday to Friday – this works around your schedule and whatever other activities and programs your kids are participating in.

2020 is our pilot year and we are offering the entire program for free. All we ask for is your feedback at the end of each week so we can assess and improve for the future.

We are excited to embark on this journey and we welcome you along!

To receive our enrollment packet, CLICK HERE.