sábado, 30 de octubre de 2021

Feminism is killing me

 Is feminism screwing us?

It's a question, but I think so. Specifically it's screwing women.

As a clarification, I am a feminist, that is, I believe that men and women should have the same rights in society.

The problem is that apparently, we concentrated only on the rights and forgot about responsibilities, and women are "stuck" with rights, but men continue to be "free" of responsibilities.

Women, specifically mothers, who exercise our right to work outside the home, are still left with all the responsibilities of the home. We have full-time jobs, but we also have to be full-time mothers, full-time housewives, full-time willing lovers, full-time caring wives, and always look spectacular.

And men? The man works, thank you. He may also be good enough to give orders on how things should be done at home, or to judge whether they are well done or not.

Men? The man "helps" at home, that is, it is still not considered his equal responsibility, and we should be grateful when he helps.

Men are celebrated far and wide when he "helps" with housework, or with taking care of the children, or if he is "so good" that he does not complain when the woman cannot cook one day or she burned the rice.

Women are crucified for not measuring up, either as a housewife, in her personal care, or in raising children.

I admit that I say all of the above as a venting rant, due to my personal circumstances. I mean, as a married feminist with children, I'm screwed. And I'm stuck with having a job, a house, the kids, and a husband, and I can't seem to do any of those things right (and so I am told).

But I suspect I'm not the only one in this circumstances.

Solution? I don't know. As in everything, it is easier to screw things than to fix them. But, for my part, I am trying to raise my children (including the boy) so that they understand, not only about equal rights but also shared responsibilities.